What Our Participants Say...

  • "...years ago I would have shuddered at the idea of pursuing public speaking and communications in high school. I can clearly remember the fear I had whenever I was required to stand up and give any kind of presentation. And yet today, a couple of years later, I feel a true passion for communications and public speaking."
    Ryan G. 2008
  • "It has taught me how to speak in public and communicate to numerous different types of people. I believe my experience ... and what I learned here will influence me the rest of my life."
    Peter V. 2008
  • "I've been taught how to effectively communicate — a skill that will be an essential tool as I continue to communicate for a greater purpose. I've learned how to step outside my comfort zone and persevere ... I've been equipped with the confidence I need to pursue my aspirations."
    Natasha M. 2008


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