The Association for Lifelong Communicators was established for charitable, educational and religious purposes by advancing a greater understanding and appreciation of the art of communication and formal forensics among youth.

The goals of the Association for Lifelong Communicators include:

  • Develop lifelong communication skills
  • Provide opportunities to learn, refine and present effective and ethical communication
  • Stimulate intellectual, spiritual, social and character development
  • Teach and reinforce Biblical principles in communication
  • Encourage confidence, leadership and community service.

  • Diana Wolfson
  • Robert Wolfson
  • Kent Shaw
  • Brian Vanderway

Lifelong Communicators was established in 2006 to expand communication training and speaking activities for youth. It’s president and founder, Diana Wolfson, has had nearly 30 years of teaching experience.

After graduating with a double major in English and Philosophy, Diana taught English in public high schools for eight years. She received her Masters of Education degree in Instructional Leadership from the University of Illinois – Chicago.

Diana educated her two sons at home. During that time she created and implemented an educational enrichment program for families who home educate. This included developing and teaching courses, co-directing plays, hosting conferences, and teaching a variety of workshops. It was during these home school years that she founded a forensics team called Chicago CHARGE, developed speech and debate curriculum, established a state forensics organization, and began directing speech and debate tournaments.

Many of Diana’s students have won national awards in their speech and debate competitions. And, in the past five years, students from more than twenty states have attended the summer speech and debate programs she directs.

"With the help of caring people, Lifelong Communicators will train more young people to think ethically, speak confidently and communicate in a style that their audiences will receive."

Diana Wolfson



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